dare-dare stands for Document Ajax Reader Extension. It's a full javascript online pdf reader. No flash, no closed sources !!!!
dare-dare also means double quick in french. Because documents are displayed in a very short time (depending of the server power and your bandwith).

Why having written dare-dare ?

What is a pdf viewer ?

It is a part of a web page or a web application dedicaced to displaying a PDF document.

Why an embeddable pdf viewer ?

  • because pdf plugins are often big memory/cpu consumers or crash your browser,
  • because you don't want to download a big pdf just to read 2 pages,
  • because you want to preview the document before downloading it,
  • because you are on a computer not belonging to you and you can't install a pdf reader

There is a bunch of such online/embeddable pdf readers on the internet:

While the majority of these applications are free (as a free beer), none are free (as free speech). Furthermore, online services requires you to upload your document on their server, which is not quite good if it contains private informations.
In the contrary, dare-dare is a fully open-source (under AGPL licence), flash-free document reader, easily embeddable in your HTML pages.
Its development is open: you can participate, report bugs, give your opinion, enhance the code, fill the documentation !


  • full javascript client part (flash free),
  • python server part (wgsi compliant),
  • free software (AGPL licence),
  • customizable skin (css),
  • display pdf documents (support for OpenDocument? (OpenOffice?) and (maybe) OOXML (Microsoft Office) documents will come in the future)
  • compatible with firefox, opera and chromium


developpement version

svn co dare-dare



  • 2009-11-22: Release of dare-dare 0.1
  • 2009-11-26: Release of dare-dare 0.2
    • now compatible with opera & chromium browsers

Projects using dare-dare

please tell us if you use dare-dare on your website or application, we'll add you to this list


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You can also contact me via jabber (my account is guillaume@…)

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